Parking passes are required for each vehicle (max 8 passenger).  No commercial vehicles allowed.  Please indicate the total number of attendees when purchasing a parking pass. 

Standard parking areas are for parking only, for safety, please do not plan to crowd these areas.  Designated viewing areas will be marked for standard parking attendees.  Limited seating will be available, bringing your own camp chairs/blankets is encouraged.

Themed activities and games available for all participants. Snacks and other vendor items will be available for purchase. 

Tailgate spots are large enough to accommodate more personal items.  You are welcome to set up and watch from your spot as well as participate in the activities at the Pavilion.  

What you CAN do:

  • Bring your own food
  • Camp chairs/blankets
  • No larger than a 10 x 10 pop up tent on large parking spots
  • Camp games for your spot 

What you CAN’T do:

  • No student/child drop off all- under 18 must be accompanied by an adult
  • No loud music
  • No alcohol 
  • No arriving/leaving between 2:45 pm – 3:45 pm 
  • No Campfire/grills/large generators
  • No car idle – depending on weather it might be tempting to crank the heat/air in your car.  We ask people to NOT idle their cars for the sake of the environment,  air quality, and safety of those around you. April is always a guessing game when it comes to weather in Indiana (fyi – record High being 91 degrees and record low being 15 degrees).  However, the Hilltop will provide warming up/cooling down stations if necessary.  

Inclement weather Notice.  

While the effects of the total solar eclipse will be visible in some ways regardless of the weather, in the event of inclement weather Hilltop will plan/provide a streamed viewing on a big screen under the pavilion.  Due to the event/parking being held outdoors on grassy areas, accommodations may have to be made if the ground will not adequately support cars across the entirety of the grassy areas.  In that event, tailgating spots will be moved to the standard parking area and the event will continue as a group at the pavilion only.  Those decisions will be based on information provided by the National Weather Service at the discretion of Hilltop and communicated as early as information about weather will allow.